VIRTUAL Architecture, Design & Animations

Our adventures with computer modeling began in 1992. AutoCAD Release 11 was the rage and the pentium processor had not yet hit the market. Solid modeling was still the domain of main frame computers.

In 1992, we built our first computer designed and modeled house. We broke new ground with primitive equipment. At the time, taking photographs of the screen was our only means of producing an image. Within the limits of the technology, the two-dimensional data developed from the model allowed us to provide instant and precise dimensioning of every built element. The information we presented was a hit with the contractors.

Enduring the evolution of computers as a tool for architecture, we finally found what we were looking for in 1999, that is, Form Z, a true modeling software with one’s imagination the only limitation. In 2001, Electric Image's UNIVERSE software was added to accelerate our rendering abilities and produce animations in hours, not days. Today we are working in a mixed Mac - Windows systems, enjoying the power of virtual environment to an exciting level, now able to dedicate more time to design. For us our virtual world is mainly a tool to do better architecture, to understand and create better designs.

For this very reason, if you'd like to work with architects, we will be very happy to work for you. We may work with your existing designs to develop renderings or create animations. We provide architectural design with 3D models and 2-D plans, section and elevations produced from the model.